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Facts About Surviving The Grid Going Down

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Grid Down – Power Grid

Many unexpected things take place every day. People want to believe that the national power system is highly resilient. However, that is not always the case. It has some vulnerability that if exploited a disaster can happen. Surviving the grid going down is something that should concern everyone who depends on electric energy. This is the exception rather than the norm. However, judging by past power system failures, future occurrences cannot be completely written off. Therefore, preparing mentally, physically and emotionally will help in the unfortunate scenario of grid failure.

The work of a human is not perfect. There is nothing like attaining perfection on earth. All machines and components can fail. Even the grid with all its amazing technologies can be affected by a serious fault. In most cases, mechanical faults are to blame. These are easy to fix and usually do not affect the entire system. However, some matters affect core functionality subsequently causing nationwide power failure.

A cyber attack can completely decimate a nation’s electricity transmission system. This is because; it depends entirely on computer networks and systems. Therefore, a virus can affect everything and bring down the entire infrastructure. This will most likely be the machinations of foreign operatives. Large institutions have been hacked before. Therefore, the grid is not in any way immune. Hacking takes different forms.

In most cases, bad weather is usually to blame for a blackout. Undesired natural circumstances are usually very unforgiving. No one can tell with absolute certainty when Mother Nature will strike next. A typhoon can happen out of the blues and bring down many power lines. Before power is restored, many people will have to endure days of blackout.

Having sufficient food reserves is the most important thing that a person can do. People need to eat whether or not there is an emergency situation. Grid failure will affect food production and distribution. With a persisting blackout that affects an entire state or nation, there will definitely be a food crisis. Having stacks of dry foods is highly advisable.

The most important element of human survival is water. When the body goes for more than four days without a drop of water, the different organs start to shut down. People can survive for long without food. However, it takes only some days for one to die because of dehydration. One should have gallons of clean and safe emergency water.

Electricity supplies heat and light to house. When power supply is disrupted, there should be a backup energy source that immediately takes over. Such a source can be kerosene or propane. The best emergency backup heating source is a kerosene heater. This will provide adequate heat when there is no electricity. There is also need to have some hurricane lamps.

In this world, anything can happen. Thus, one should not write off the possibility of grid failure because it can happen in the future and has happened in the past. When the worst happens, those who are sufficiently prepared always benefit. There is need to have an emergency plan. Without certain measures in place, a family will suffer a lot during an emergency.


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