Makeup Tips

Makeup Tips

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Makeup Tips

The Do’s & Don’ts Of Makeup;

Anyone who understands fashion, more likely than not, can attest to the importance of makeup as well. Christina Kelly can say the same, as this can help one’s appearance stand out in the most positive of ways. To say that this matters would be an understatement, but you might be curious to know how makeup should be used or applied. If you’d like to expand your understanding on the matter, here are a few do’s and don’ts to remember.

DO use the proper foundation. In order to make the most out of makeup, foundation is essential. According to names such as Christina Kelly, this should match your skin tone as closely as possible, so that it appears as though you’re wearing no makeup at all. There are many shades to invest in, so make sure that you pick out the best one. A day of shopping can make all of the difference, in relation to style savvy.

DON’T use too much blush. If you’re going to apply blush, Christina Kelly will tell you to use as little as possible to make the best impression. Anyone who specializes in makeup can say the same, meaning that you should be mindful about how it’s applied. It should complement the contours of your face, so that you achieve the best results. This is yet another way that you can become more effective in terms of makeup application.

DO get up close and personal with the mirror. When it comes to the more accurate methods of makeup application, you do not want to stay at a distance from the mirror. Whether it’s for applying eyeliner or what have you, it’s in your best interest to stay close to the mirror, so that you have a better view. This will help you apply makeup more effectively, so that it doesn’t come across as sloppy. You’ll also run a lesser risk of hurting yourself in the process.

DON’T forget to study up. If you’re going to become proficient at makeup application, it’s wise that you study. One of the best ways to learn is by staying aware of the different trends that exist in the fashion world, which can include makeup as well. Perhaps you’ll become aware of new shades to apply, or maybe entire brands you haven’t heard of yet. Whatever the case may be, taking the time to study will prove useful.


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