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Starting The Most Profitable Business In Thailand.

Thailand is a country that attracts not only many tourists, but foreigners who would like to start business there as well. Since it is difficult to find the best moneymaking industry in a foreign country, we provide here some Thailand finance advices that would be of a great help to those who are still in doubt about the type of business to invest in.

In order to know more about the most profitable area in this country for starting successful business, you need to learn more about Thai demographics. You don’t have to target foreigners only, as they make up a small percentage of sales. Rather opt for a business that targets both locals and tourists, as this will ensure you will get enough customers and respectively more profits.

Choose an industry with as little competition as possible. Ensure the business you choose is well-liked by local people, as they will be your main clients. It is not a good idea to start a go go bar for example, as locals will certainly avoid it because of the ethical and moral reasons. On the other hand, if your aim is to attract tourists, you will not succeed, as there are too many other venues of this kind that will attract them.

You will surely get loyal Thai clients that will keep coming to you, if they like your business. If you target a foreign market only, you are unlikely to get good profits, neither to gain popularity.

Another factor you need to consider when catering your business to foreign tourists only is the fact that there are military coups once a decade that might significantly affect tourism for some time thus affecting your business as well.

Taking all these factors into account, we can conclude that the most profitable business in Thailand is the one that targets locals mainly. The best option to go for is food industry because of the following three reasons: firstly, local people don’t like to eat alone but rather in groups; secondly, just like everywhere, Thai kitchen starts giving up its place to Western foods and third, most apartments are not equipped with kitchen appliances like ovens or stoves.

Since the Thai apartments are not big, they cannot accommodate many guests and for this reason they prefer to eat outside. Usual practice of Bangkok workers is to eat on the go as a result of Western influence and the busy lifestyle. Rice meals that are traditional for Thais are currently replaced by sandwiches, pastries or breads for breakfast combined with coffee. For a lunch and dinner they attend fast food restaurants with family members and close friends.

So if you are thinking about opening a profitable business in Thailand, you can start your fast food restaurant, or another kind of restaurant, which can offer a comfortable atmosphere for locals to dine out. Such restaurant will surely attract tourists too, if you add some local meals that will represent Thai traditions.

Mobile food trucks are also profitable for this area. They will work well in Bangkok and other big cities and will quickly gain popularity among scholars and workers who search for cheap and tasty food.



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